Upper Normandy Tourism Attractions

Just across the Channel from London and not very far from Paris, you will find the welcoming region of Normandy with its varied coastline and rich countryside. 600 kilometres of contrasting seaside with cliffs, pebbly coves and long stretches of golden sands make it an attractive destination for the holidaymaker. Family resorts along the Cherbourg peninsula and the whole coastline are warmed by the Gulf Stream. Deauville, Trouville, and Cabourg are well established and desirable seaside places.

Inland, magnificent forests, tranquil streams flowing lazily through rich agricultural countryside and apple orchards are the hallmark of this sedate and fruit producing region.

Excursions include the Cider Road and the Cheese Road. And if the pace is too fast by car, you can hire a horse drawn carriage. In every corner, you will discover hidden treasures: the pretty harbour of Honfleur, the Bayeux Tapestry, William the Conqueror's birthplace at Falaise, the basilica at Lisieux dedicated to Saint Theresa, Claude Monet's treasured garden at Giverny, and the world-famous Mont Saint Michel, with its breathtaking views from the ramparts.

Normandy is a rich gastronomic area with its fresh fish ("when Dover soles cross the Channel, they arrive in Dieppe") and shellfish, duck, cream and, of course, the famous Calvados and cheeses like Camenbert, Livarot, and Pont l'Evêque.

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