Alsace Flammekueche

The Alsatian Flammekueche, or flammkuchen, also called tarte flambée in French, originated from the German gastronomy but has become really popular in France, especially in the French north-eastern regions. This original fine Alsatian pizza is an irresistible starter to share during traditional family meals or to relish in a brasserie - a typical French venue famous for its conviviality.

With all respect for Alsace traditions, the tarte flambée is a thin crusty dough filled with only few ingredients that are cream, onions and bacon, all of which are a common sight in this region of France.

The flammkuchen was initially prepared by German farmers' wives and oven baked just after the bread, using the remaining dough and benefiting from the heat in the oven. But the well-known Flammekueche is now cooked throughout both Germany and France.

Like every regional specialities, this classic dish of the Alsace region of France can be prepared in many different ways. Some brasseries' chefs like to add mushrooms, cheese and even tomatoes whilst Alsatian people and lovers of local produce prefer the traditional recipe.

Due to the geographic and historical past of this French region, Alsatian food is renowned for being a balance between robust German gastronomy and subtle French cuisine. During your visit of Alsace then, do accompany your cream and onion tart with a glass of Pinot blanc - the combination is really worth the trip!


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