Aquitaine Duck Confit

This mouth-watering potted duck recipe of the Aquitaine region of France, known as both Duck Confit and Confit of Duck, originates from ancient Gascony's traditional gastronomy. That is why the French Duck Confit reflects the custums and cuisine of this South Western old peasant region based on stuffed dishes, skillfully prepared casseroles and jarred foods.

The Aquitaine Confit of Duck was first presented during Henri IV's royal banquets. Thus it is not surprising that this tasty South-Western speciality has rapidly taken place amongst the gourmet dishes of the French gastronomy, just like the well-known Foie Gras originating from the same region of France!

The typical potted duck produced in the South-West area respects the ancient common rule of preserving meat in fat. The traditional recipe only consists in duck legs stewed in fat with coarse salt, pepper, thyme, bay, or any typical herbs. The meat is baked after a couple of weeks to fully enjoy its flavour and generally comes with roast sardalaise potatoes, French beans or slow-braised cabbage.

Of course, to make the experience even more authentic, you may try one of the Bordeaux red wines to accompany your Duck Confit!

Don't forget the food-loving Aquitaine region has more to offer than duck casseroles and confits! To dicover other South-West cultural treasures, you can visit's complete regional guide. The Wine and Gastronomy sections will definitely stimulate your senses!

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