Aquitaine and Bordeaux Wine

Aquitaine is a famous French region located in the south east of France. Its western side is lined along with the Atlantic Ocean. Thanks to its location, Aquitaine gets a sunny, warm climate the year long but still remains a really damp region. The blend of humidity as well as many sunshine hours and warmth even in autumn let Aquitaine produce tasty, high-quality grapes which can reach maturity within the best conditions ever.

This region gathers the best vineyards of the wide world and is the largest vineyard area in France as well. Thus Bordeaux and Aquitaine can boast being at the origin of the most famous and renowned wines, appreciated all over the world for their bouquet and intensity.

You will notice about the quoted varietals that there is a difference between the varietal and the appellation.

Bordeaux varietals produce numerous appellations coming from the French villages or cities where the wine is produced. The culture of grapes and choice of varietal is done according to the spot where the grapes are cultivated. In Aquitaine, most vineyards are producing the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Semillon wines.

There are stunning varietals produced by the Aquitaine vineyards, here are the most famous:

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