Auvergne Food and Gastronomy

As a central French region, Auvergne boasts hearty, tasty and varied food, as well as local gourmet products from the soil. With its traditional Potee Auvergnate and the well-known Auvergne Blue cheese, the typical gastronomy of this region of France can satisfy both meat and cheese lovers! here introduces some gems of the Auvergne Food and Gastronomy. Being one of the oldest populated regions of Europe, this central region of France offers a wide range of convivial rural dishes, as well as genuine local products.

The typical Auvergne fare includes Puy lentils enjoyed in a salad or cooked with salt meat and the traditional Potee Auvergnate casserole with cabbage and pork meat.

To end off your country Auvergnat meal, you would have the choice between a French AOC cheese such as Saint Nectaire, Cantal and Auvergne Blue Cheese and a piece of delicious Blueberry pie known as the French Tarte aux Myrtilles.

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