Potee Auvergnate

This wintry Auvergne casserole is widely known under its French name "Potée Auvergnate". Pot-au-Feu-like, this rich speciality combines the tangy taste of cabbage with the finesse of French pork meat. The traditional Potee from Auvergne is indeed a classic of country Food and Gastronomy in France.

The authentic recipe of this Auvergne-style Potee only includes basic ingredients, readily available in the markets of Auvergne. Cabbage, carrots, potatoes, streaky bacon, pork loin and sausages are slowly cooked together in a pot and seasoned with typical French herbs like parsley, bay leaves and/ or cloves.

In fact, after being stewed, the green cabbages are drained and pan fried with bacon cubes. Some modern versions of the Potee Auvergnate also include white beans that may soak for a night before being added to the casserole.

The Potee Auvergnate is traditionally served on its own, simply complemented with a light French red wine such as Côtes-d'Auvergne or Burgundy Beaujolais.

In many gastronomic restaurants in France, potatoes and cabbages are first delivered in a soup plate, then comes the meat, sausages and, possibly, lard. The ultimate step is to pour in the cooking stock, emphasizing all the aromas of this Auvergne speciality.

Top Tip! Rural traditions in Auvergne suggest that you set some slices of crisp French rye bread at the bottom of the plate before pouring in the bouillon.

Indeed, adding some bread in the Potee has been a common sight in many rural regions of France for generations; it was mainly used to make the dish even more consistent.

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