Centre Food and Gastronomy

The Centre region of France is a heaven for gourmets and lovers of French country food commonly called "Cuisine du Terroir". Produce from the former Touraine region includes tasty pork products and gourmet goat cheese such as the Sainte Maure, but also sweet specialities that the delicate Tarte Tatinapple pie perfectly exemplifies. The little-known Centre gastronomy has indeed many delights on offer!

The Centre offers rich products from the soil but also delicious traditional dishes like the Andouillettes - typical French pork sausages - generally cooked with Vouvray wine. Meat lovers will also appreciate the well-known Rillettes from Tours, competing with Le Mans's ones, while cheese connoisseurs will be pleased by Centre's goat cheeses like the Sainte Maure de Touraine and the Crottin de Chavignol. With its rural landscapes and large production of fruits, the Centre region's gastronomy boasts one of the best known French dessert, the delectable Tarte Tatin.

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