Champagne Ardenne Food and Gastronomy

The Champagne Ardenne food and gastronomy are a perfect example of French gourmet food! With its delicious products from the Champagne forests like mushrooms and wild game and its fine local cheese including the well known French Brie, this Northern region of France has many culinary jewels on offer. That may explain why it is considered to be one of the "cradles" of the French gastronomy!

The Champagne Ardenne region boasts rich and fine food that fits perfectly with its wide range of Champagne wines. The traditional French Northern cooking is based on the products of the soil - known as Cuisine du Terroir - and emphasizes the French Art de la Table.

After having discovered the Roman architectural heritage, you could appreciate an andouillette de Troyes or the Rhetel recipe of boudin blanc, classics of the traditional family meals in the Champagne region. For the vegetables' lovers, the typical pot-au-feu-like La Joute is just as delightful.

The Champagne food is very rich and varied. So to end off your rich French meal, the Brie cheese or the authentic Biscuits de Reims are perfect options to accompany one of the outstanding Champagne wines.

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