Corsica Cheese

The cheese produced in Corsica is made using sheep and goat milk. Specialised shops can be found on the French island, and are favourite places to discover the local food and gastronomy. Corsican cheese feasts and fairs are also organised where you will be able to relish all the traditional Corsican gastronomic specialities.

In Corsica much attention is paid to the quality of the animals producing the local milk, and thus the quality of the cheese is constantly rising. Associations exist promoting the local cheese’s quality and typical production methods.

Amongst the French region’s gastronomic produce, some cheeses have been awarded the AOC quality label for their taste, authenticity and traditional character.

Top Tip! Fromage de tête (‘head cheese’), is actually a pork product made from seasoned pigs' brains. Do not worry if you find this must-taste Corsican product in a butcher’s shop and not a dairy!

Brocciu is another spectacular cheese produced in Corsica, considered a national food in the island. The word Brocciu is derivated from the word 'brousse' which means 'fresh cheese', made with goat or ewe's milk. This cheese has been awarded an AOC quality label. In this southernmost part of France it is eaten fresh and has a strong yet delicate flavour once in mouth -very refreshing food that indeed suits the Corsican hot climate!

This Corsican cheese will give its best whilst eaten two days after production and two weeks as an absolute maximum. This French produce is very nice when accompanied with a local soup, pastry or vegetable recipe and we particularly advise it for breakfast with some local jam... Simply wonderful.

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