Corsica Food and Gastronomy

Food and Gastronomy in Corsica are a question of rhythm. The island is half-French / half-Italian in its mentality and culture. The relationship to the Earth is very important in this region of France, as is the Christian religion.

Thus many Corsican gastronomic specialities are not available all year long but only during the 'good' time when they are to be produced or eaten, respecting the whole rhythm of the Earth and the traditional production methods. Hence some outstanding Corsican cheeses that could be produced all year long are only produced during a certain period of the year.

This is also a way to struggle against counterfeit products made on the continent in plants and sold at the price of a farm product, as the famous Brocciu cheese which should never be available in summer in Corsica. The image below shows when different produce can be eaten or start to be produced according to the season and to the religious feasts in Corse.

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