Corsican Honey

The Corsican honey is once again a high quality product. Honey is one of the gourmet products of the French island being certified both for its origin and quality (AOC label) just as French wines are.

An endemic (that exists only in Corsica) bee variety produces this great French product on different sites of Corsica. The taste of this traditional honey produce is strong, with around 2,800 flower varieties being used to produce the maquis honey for example.

Be it spring honey, spring maquis (scrubland) honey, chestnut grove honey, summer or autumn maquis honey, clementine or citrus honey, the Corsican honey is a very sought-after gourmet French product.

Top Tip! Honey fairs are events you should not miss if you want to taste the best Corsican produce. They are normally organized in September and November, each year. Apiculture is studied at the Pasquale Paoli University thanks to dedicated labs.

The places where honey is produced in Corsica are mainly gathered along the western coast of the French island. These Corsican honeys have thus developed very different qualities and tastes, according to the altitude of the hives and the nature of the flowers.

Be it clémentinier with its delicate taste, chestnut with its dark colour, cane-apple bush with a more bitter flavour, asphodel (soft) or cistus (vigorous taste), everyone can find a traditional honey variety adapted to his/ her tastes.

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