Lower Normandy Food and Gastronomy

Lower Normandy, northwestern region of France commonly mixed up with Upper Normandy, is a heaven for foodies and meat lovers seeking authentic French cooking. Apart from D-Day beaches, the region is also renowned for its farms and their tasty and healthy produce, from fresh milk, cream, butter and cheese to typical pears and apples. And this traditional production from Lower Normandy has been playing an important part in the French gastronomy for many years now.

Lower Normandy - Basse Normandie in French - is offering valuable treasures for both gourmets and nature lovers. With its rural landscapes, regional traditions and culinary treasures, this part of Normandy is a "gold mine" for French gastronomy lovers. Norman cheeses like Camembert AOC, Pont l'Eveque and Livarot are even appreciated worldwide.

Meat dishes are some other gems of the Norman food - especially pork products like the Andouille de Vire sausage or even the Caen-style tripes recipe. Lower Normandy is also famous for its candies based on the delicious salted butter caramel.

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