Picardy Food and Gastronomy

The Picardy food and gastronomy perfectly exemplifies the French convivial way of life! This northern region of France boasts country dishes like duck pâté from Amiens and leek pie called flamiche. It besides offers delicious dairy products, French cheese and local fresh vegetables such as white beans from Soissons.

The Picardy region definitely knows how to take the most of its landscapes; offering a hearty, varied food thanks to local crops. Markets in the traditional Picardy are really popular and attract the foodies from Paris who look for gourmet products like the pâté de canard (pâté en croute) from Amiens or the Flamiche leek pie.

The typical "chantilly" whipped cream from the town of Chantilly and the delicious gâteau battu are some other culinary jewels of the Picardy gastronomy.

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