Alsace Economy

  • Thanks to its localisation in the heart of Rhineland Europe, Alsace is very open to international trade and has a dynamical economy.
  • Alsace agriculture composed by products like hops for making the famous choucroute or grapes for making the delicious wines is very specific to Alsace region and everyone could.Viticulture is vital to the economy in the Bas rhin and Haut Rhin, growing in quality and reputation.
  • The Automotive industry is an other important part of the economical life in Alsace including the famous production of Peugeot vehicles.
  • Alsace region has also number of natural assets to be recognized as a tourist destination, appreciated by French as European visitors.

Key economic Data for Alsace
GDP 48,4 billion Euros, equivalent to 2.7% of national GDP*.
International Trade

Alsace region account for 25,324 millions euros as imports and 26,401 millions euros as exports.

Important trading partners: Germany, Switzerland, USA, Asia, United Kingdom, Italy, East European and North European Countries.

Total Companies

More than 73,000 companies are based in Alsace.

7,244 compagnies creation in 2005

Largest Companies Aventis, Lidl-France and Brasseries Kronenbourg account for the largest companies in alsace. According to their turnover(+ 800 million euros TO*).

Working population includes more than 824,353 Aquitaine inhabitants.

In an other part, 63,100 borders live in Alsace and work in Switzerland and Germany.

Unemployment 8.6 % of this working population is unemployed. This is equivalent to more than 73,725 people.
Student population More than 69,000 students across Alsace.
Salary Average salary = 17,457 €/year.
Alsace Agriculture
Agricultural products Main farm products: Cabbage for "choucroute",Grapes for wine, cereals, hops, fruits, dairy, meats, vegetables, quetsches and tobacco.
Key facts Agriculture involves 7,187 people. region.
Alsace Industry
Sectors Mechanical equipment, Agri-food, Textile, Chemical, Electronics, Plasturgy, Biotechnology sectors including Automotive sector with the Peugeot PSA industrial site in Sausheim, the biggest in Alsace on 320 hectares for a production of 400,000 vehicles per year.
Key facts Industry involves 151,243 people, a third of the working population.
Building The construction sector in Alsace employs more than 25,000 people.
Alsace Tertiary sector
Sectors Commerce, Health, Administration, Education.
Key facts 303,210 people are involved in Services sector. The tertiary trade sector is now the principal Alsace driving force.

Alsace accounts for 8.4 million tourists per year including 2.7 million French tourists.

The rest, foreigners are mainly German, Belgian, Swiss, Italian and British.

Aquitaine is at the 13rd rank of French regions for numbers of visitors.

Hotels, Gîtes, Holiday Homes and Camping sites are abundant for welcoming all these people looking for sports, nature and wellness.

Restaurants and shops also take advantage of this touristic opportunity. This consumption is equivalent to 2.5 billion euros.

* GDP (Gross Domestic Product= Produit intérieur brut)

* TO (Turn Over = Chiffre d'affaires)

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