Alsace Golf Courses and Clubs

Alsace is not the first place in France that would come to mind when thinking about French golfing holidays. You might think of battlefields, medieval villages, wines or even of the European Parliament in Strasburg but in fact, it is great as a golf destination in France.

  • Alsace is the most easterly region of France, located between the Rhine Valley and the Vosges mountains. Close to the border with Germany and Switzerland, the Alsace region boasts 10 high quality golf courses and is actively promoting itself as a golf destination within France. Golfing visitors to France often say Alsace actually is an enchanting and welcoming place to hit the green.

  • Golfing holidays in Alsace are synonymous with typically French golf courses and fantastic local, foods, wines and renowned alsatian hospitality.

  • Alsace boasts the 2nd best-rated golf course in France – Kempferhof Golf Club. It is a region for golfers who enjoy fine dining, as there are many Michelin star restaurants - in fact more than anywhere else in France. The Alsace vineyards are productive and renowned for a selection of fruity wines, that can be tasted at a number of wineries scattered across the region. Many towns are pretty, and with their distinct architecture and ambiance they will make you think you're back in the past. Those golf players who like to party won't be disappointed as there are plenty of welcoming bars and clubs in the beautiful old town of Strasbourg.

  • So bear in mind when looking for a property in Alsace that there is an improving number of golfing facilities in the region. Search for a property in Alsace now!



  • Le Kemperhof Golf Club, 351 rue du Moulin, 67115 Plobsheim

  • Strasbourg Golf course, 67400 Illkirch Graffenstaden

  • Le Fort golf course, Route du Fort Uhrich, 67400 Illkirch-Graffenstsaden

  • La Wantzenau golf course, C.D. 302, 67610 La Wantzenau

  • Soufflenheim Baden-Baden Golf Club, Allée du Golf, 67620 Soufflenheim


  • Alsace Golf Club, Moulin de Biltzheim BP 45, 68250 Rouffach

  • Bâle Golf & Country Club, Rue de Wentzwiller, 68220, Hagenthal-le-Bas

  • Les Bouleaux Golf Club, 238 route de Reiningue, 68310 Wittelsheim

  • Ammerschwihr Golf Course, Allée du Golf, 68770 Ammerschwihr

  • Le Rhin Mulhouse Golf course, Ile du Rhin, 68490 Chalampe

  • La Largue golf course, Chemin du Largweg, Mooslargue, 68580 Seppois Le Bas

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