Alsace Weather and Climate

  • Alsace is blessed with one of the lowest rainfalls in all France. This means its grapes can grow undisturbed by heavy rains even during the winter. Everyone should enjoy Alsace weather: the region’s Continental climate means all of the four seasons are desirable times to visit.
  • Alsace does get snow during the winter, but skiing is popular in the Vosges mountains. Also, the region’s villages are especially picturesque when the pointed roofs are covered in snow.
  • Spring and summer in Alsace are lovely; brightly colored daffodils replace the snow in April, and throughout the summer the countryside gets more and more colorful. The summer months can be quite warm, but the mountains provide a nearby escape from the heat. The end of the summer is probably the least ideal time to visit since it is the hottest and most crowded.

Alsace Climate

Climate Type Continental
Average temperature Summer:18°c, Winter 3,5°c.
Average sunshine 1,636 hours per year.(Strasbourg)
Average rainfall Summer: 66mm, Winter 38mm. Equivalent to 610 mm per year(Strasbourg).

Alsace Weather and Climate Statistics

Month Average Temperature Precipitation (mm) Average Wind (Miles/hour) Cloud Covering (in %)
Janvier 0.9° 33.1 7.59 80
Fervier 2.5° 34.3 7.59 70
Mars 36.6 8.26 66
Avril 9.6° 48 7.14 64
May 13.8° 74.5 6.25 64
June 17° 74.6 6.25 62
July 19.1° 56.8 6.03 55
August 18.6° 67.8 5.36 55
September 15.5° 55.5 5.80 56
October 10.6° 43 6.03 67
November 5.2° 46.6 6.03 76
December 1.9° 39.9 6.7 78
  • The best time to visit is probably autumn, when the August tourists have gone home and temperatures have slightly cooled off. If you visit during September and October, you can enjoy the changing of the leaves and the grape harvest at the same time: two things you can’t get at any other time of the year.
  • Alsace Weather Live on the Meteo France Website

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