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Alsace is a famous French wine producing region located in the east of France, close to the German border. The presence of the river Rhine is particularly useful for the vineyards of this region of France which provide tasteful grapes. These grapes are used for the traditional and stamped French wine making process.

If you go to an Alsace wine merchant’s you will have the choice between 7 principal types of wines grown in the Alsace vineyards: 

  • The Gewürztraminer fine Wine

  • The Riesling fine Wine

  • The Sylvaner Wine 

  • The Pinot Blanc Wine 

  • The Pinot Noir

  • The Tokay pinot Gris

  • The Muscat Blanc Wine

Alsace White Wine

As you can see above, most Alsace wines are white wines.

The most famous one is the Riesling which is a dry wine renowned throughout the world and in France as well. This French wine is known for its blend boasting a subtle acidity as well as a fruity sweetness.

Combined, these two elements produce a characterful wine. The Riesling wine obtains its taste during the late harvest; indeed the grapes used are the last ones to be picked in this French region. This distinguished wine will accompany the most sophisticated dish, but will also find a perfect harmony with fish, shellfish, seafood and white meat.

The Alsace white wines are all reputed to be very tasty and fruity wines, the texture of the grape gives a kind of vivacity to the flavour. As a result Alsace wines are fine and light-bodied wines which will be in perfect harmony served with shellfish or in aperitifs like the Sylvaner. These wines characterised also by their sweetness can supplement vegetables and be particularly chilling during hot summer weather like the Muscat.

Alsace Red and Rose Wines

Some of these Alsace wines are red and rosé wines like the Gewurztraminer and the pinot noir. The Gewurztraminer wine is one of the treasures that Alsace has to offer. Adulated all over the world for its intense taste, this full-bodied wine is generally served during the aperitif. Ideally it should accompany spicy refined dishes or red meat and strong cheese of which it will reinforce the savour. Similar to the Alsace Riesling , this breed wine finds its strongly pungent aroma in the late harvest.

The other rose wines, like the pinot noir, are more renowned for their refreshing tastes and the harmony they provide when combined with red meat and tasty cheeses.

If you wish to discover the numerous vineyards of Alsace and the famous french “route des vins”: you will have the pleasure of visiting many villages throughout Alsace, the Alsace wine route is an excellent way to expolre and bring to life the Alsatian countryside. You will have the opportunity to visit French wine cellars and see numerous vineyards. When passing through the viticultural locations of Alsace, Colmar is one of the notable cities you can visit. You can not taste the Alsace wine without tasting some local specialities like the famous Sauerkraut and without visiting the numerous touristic jewels that this region of France has kept secret.

  • Buying a property in the Alsace region means you will be able to enjoy all the pleasures of local wine but also deeply understand the culture of the local people. At the crossroads of three European countries, the Alsace region of France is easily accessible from Paris, Basel-Mulhouse Airport (4 millions passengers last year), Germany and Switzerland.
  • Living next to the thought-provoking concentration camps of the 2nd World War will help you remember the common past European countries share. Or choose a house close to the fascinating Kronenburg factory in the vibrant city of Strasbourg - we all know that it has been there since 1664!

Top Tip!

Alsace properties are cheap! This is definitely a place of good wine and good food, so just take a seat and enjoy!

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