Corsica Meat and Charcuterie

Corsica is a land where meat has always been much appreciated. The meat production in Corsica is mainly free-range, this being a first explanation to the outstanding quality of the charcuterie in the French region.

Many artisans are still in activity in the French island and the industrial production of food is gradually being converted into sustainable, artisanal production methods. The main obstacle to this move is the EU regulations demanding many investments, thus several Corsican producers disappear every year.

The traditional Corsican gastronomy demands that like many actual Corsican produce, meats produced in Corsica have their season, as lamb is eaten for Easter, kid during the Christmas break, etc.

Be it Lonzu (pork loin), Panzetta meat (streaky bacon) or Prizuttu (Parma-style ham generally eaten wafer thinly sliced), the Corsican meat is great. A highly renowned gastronomic product from Corsica is the Figatelli. Figatelli are pork liver - and other offal - sausages. Porkbutchers produce these sausages from November to March (respecting the ‘season’ of the meat). They are high-fat products which once kept going the many shepherds and goatherds of this rocky island during winter months. Corsican beef and veal meats are also top notch products, once again since the livestock have been raised free-range in the mountains. There, animals do not eat the usual things they are feed in industrial plants, and benefit from the very low level of air pollution in the island. They eat rare wild plants, giving the meat a high quality, an outstanding taste and a distinctive colour.

The Corsican veal meat is very nice, especially when served with local olives. Game stew, wild partridges and game are also available, you cannot miss them as they will give you a taste of the true Corsica.

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