Midi-Pyrénées Food and Gastronomy

Midi-Pyrénées Food and Gastronomy are a wonderful balance between French and Spanish cultures and Gascony food heritage. Traditionally hearty, the Midi-Pyrénées region's cooking is based on both local gourmet products and convivial country dishes with chicken, goose or duck. From the renowned Roquefort blue cheese to the delightful Croustade apple pie, this Southwestern region of France is a gold mine for French Chefs!

Blending the country casseroles of Southern France with the spicy cooking from Spain, Midi-Pyrénées is famous for its rich, tasty gastronomy. This food-loving region indeed boasts fresh products such as mountain French cheese, truffles and walnut oil. The typical red peppers, tomatoes and Bayonne ham are other essential elements, perfect for a Piperade sauce for example.

But the traditional cooking of this Pyrenean region is also widely appreciated for its Aligot (Aveyron cheese and potato puree) and its duck breast and gizzards named magret and gésiers for salads. We must not forget the exquisite sweet part of Midi-Pyrénées's food, the crunchy Croustade aux pommes.

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