Magret de Canard and Gésiers

The typical Magret de Canard and Gésiers from the Midi-Pyrénées region are appreciated worldwide. Usually served as a starter, this gourmet product of the French Gastronomy is based on a traditional recipe of duck breast - delicately sliced - and gizzards, proper to the gastronomy of the former Gascony region of France.

The Midi-Pyrénées Duck Magret exemplifies the refined French products renowned - and appreciated - worldwide by Chefs as well as housewives. This Gascony speciality commonly called "Magret de Canard" is indeed a common sight on every honourable tables, served sliced and accompanied with tender duck gizzards - known as "Gésiers" - and a nicely-dressed salad mix.

Some gourmets like enjoying the Magret and Gesiers Salad with croutons or pine nuts and grated parmesan cheese; other foodies complement the duck breast with many other French products like tomatoes, mushrooms, prunes, pears, asparagus, foie gras, local ham and/ or typical rillettes!

Traditional Salad of Magret de Canard and Gesiers

In many French restaurants, such tasty "composed salad" is usually named "Salade Landaise" or "Salade Perigourdine", in which the duck breast is dried or smoked.

The traditional Salade de Magret et Gesiers can be considered as being the Southwest equivalent of the well-known Salade Niçoise from Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur. However, when the Nice-style salad includes basic ingredients, the Gascony speciality is appreciated for its authentic and quality products from Midi-Pyrénées.

As far as the Gésiers are concerned for example, they actually represent the lower stomach of the fowl and birds, containing a thick, muscular wall used for grinding up food! The delicious Gesiers' production results then from specific techniques of cooking similar to the Duck Confit preparation from the neighbouring Aquitaine region.

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